When "Old Company E" 5th Infantry, Illinois National Guard, composed of men of Hillsboro and Vicinity was mustered into the federal service it became a part of "Company A"  122nd machine gun battalion.    This was a divisional machine gun battalion and was the only motorized fighting unit in the 33rd division.
    Company A was commanded by Captain L. A. Tuggle from the time it left Hillsboro until after it reached France sixteen months later.
    On the street, during hostilities, whenever Company "A" was mentioned it proved a magnet which drew a crowd around the speaker, listeners eager for every bit of information about the welfare of the company or whose activities the eyes of the community were centered.
    Wherever the 122nd, 123rd or 124th battalions went, they were accompanied by many Montgomery County boys with the medical detachments.   Many of these boys formerly served in the hospital corps of the 5th Infantry, Illinois.  N. G.    They all made names for themselves in the military annals of history.
    After nearly two years absence from home, a year of which was spent in foreign lands, the boys returned.    Much of their boyishness gone and in its place the determination of manhood.   A manhood crowned with victory and success bought at the expense of precious lives of comrades and battle scars obtained in some of the fiercest fighting of the world war.

   Left the U. S. May 10th, 1918.
   Vaden Line, 3rd Corps, British expeditionary forces, June 23 & 24th, 1918.
   Amiens Sector, Army Line, 4th Army, B. E. F. June 26 to July 16, 1918.
   Vaden Line, West of Meuse, Defensive, Sept. 7 to 25, 1918 defending the area.
   Meuse-Argonne offensive, September 26 to October 20 and October 24 to November 11, 1918.
   Bois de Forges attack, September 26, 1918.
   Forges Sector, defensive, September 27 to October 8, 1918
   Bois de Craume attack, 17th French Corps, October 8 to 10, 1918.
   Bois du Plat Chene attack, October 10, 1918.                                Bois de Chaume and Bois du Plat Chene defensive, October 10 to October 20, 1918.                                                                     Troyon-Sur-Meuse sector, defensive, October 24 to November 11, 1918.
   Army of occupation, April 1 to 12, 1919.
   Left Brest, France May 9, 1918.    Arrived Hoboken, N. J. on May 17, 1919.
                                   Signed by    J. StC. Daly
                                                       Captain Inf. U.S.A. 122nd
                                                       M. G. Btn.
                     LISTED BELOW ARE THE WOUNDED

The list does not include all who were gassed.   Very many of the men got more or less gas.    Some of them were tagged for the hospital after being gassed, but refused to go, taking a little first aid treatment and remaining with their comrades.
                                    By    Command of Maj. Gen. Bell

JOHN DAGON, Hillsboro.   Shot in knee by machine gun bullet, which first penetrated a box of ammunition he was carrying to his gun.

RUDOLPH DONER, Nokomis.    Shot in arm and leg by shrapnel fragments, which tore muscles and flesh.

HAROLD FASICK, Hillsboro.    Wounded in arm by five shrapnel fragments.

EARL FELKEL, Hillsboro.    Wounded in arm by shrapnel.

Lieut. TOM GRISHAM.   Shell shocked and gassed.          

RUSSELL MOORE, Hillsboro.   Shrapnel in side.

HARRY PULLIAM, Taylor Springs.   Shot through wrist by machine gun bullet.

JAMES REBSTOCK, formerly of Hillsboro.    Shot through both legs by machine gun bullets while operating a machine gun in the open.

WALTER REEVES, Litchfield.   Wounded in foot by shrapnel fire.

CHAS. WHITE, Hillsboro.    Badly gasse

O. 55

1st Lieut. James F. King
2nd Lieut. John C. Miller
Sgt. Charles L. Hopkins
Sgt. Homer H. Robertson
Sgt. Wm Payne
Sgt. John Dagon
Sgt. Jesse E. Taulbee (Born in Irving)
Corp. Baxter Mansfield
Corp. John W. King
Corp. Charles A. White
Corp. Clarence Lipe
Wag. Stephen W. Briggs
Bug.  Allen C. Chitworth
Private First Class Lester Smith
Private First Class Nicholas Vukelich
Private First Class Bliss E. Sturgeon (Born in Irving)  
Private First Class Jay Voyles
PrivateArnold W. George
PrivateRobert Fletcher
Private Ray L. Munton
Private Vern R. Halley
Private Lloyd L. Stout
Private Earl Felkel
Private James E. Rebstock
Private Edward C. Sparling
Private Henry V. Pulliam
Private Bliss Troutman
Private Harold Fasick
Private Harvey Stokes
Private Homer A. McHugh (Born in Irving)
                          By command of Maj. Gen. Bell

                      TOWNSHIP LISTED BELOW


FRED HARRY ALTEVOGT - - Army - Private - 336th Supply Co., Brest, France. - - Born 2-3-1890.   Son of Louis and Anne Altevogt, Irving.   Joined the colors 6-27-18 till 8-25-19.   Sent overseas in October 1918.

CHESTER C. ANDERSON - - Boatswains Mate 2nd Class - Navy - - Enlisted 6-1-17 -   101-00-24    Discharged 1-18-19.   Born 11-3-1896 Died 11-3-1993.   Buried in Irving Cemetery.


ALFRED A. BAILEY - -  Farrier, 17th Cavalry Vet. Det..  Born 2-14-1900.   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. N. Bailey, Irving.   Joined the colors 4-12-17.   Promoted to Farrier 11-29-17.   Discharged 3-13-19.



ARTHUR W. BEASLEY - - Camp Custer.   Born 1-11-1897, Morris, Illinois.   Son of Frank H. and Clara M. Beasley, Witt.   Joined the colors 9-5-1918.  

MERLE R. BOST - - Army 8-18-16 till 6-4-20.   Private 1st Class - Qualified 2/c1 gunner 4-30-1917.   Overseas 5-10-1918.  Supply Co. 57th Artillery, Coast Artillery Corp., Regular Army Reservist.  Born in Irving 1896.



LESTER V. BOTKIN - - Army 6-27-18 till 12-13-18.    Sergeant J.F.M. 3703647 12th Co. 3rd T. Bn. 159 Depot Brigade.    Cook 11-25-1918.    Born in Irving.


EDWARD P. BOYD - - Army 6-27-18 till 7-9-19.   #3703648.  Private Mch. Gun Tp..   Enlisted Hillsboro.....Born in Irving.



JAMES D, BRYAN - - Army 11-2-18 till 12-14-18.   5290310  - Private Students Army training Corps., Valparaiso Univ., Valparaiso, Ind.   Born in Irving.


LEO CASSIDY - - Private, Co. M 127th Inf. 32nd Div..   Born 1-8=1895.   Son of Mr. and Mrs Barnard Cassidy, Irving.     Joined the colors 6-28-1918.   Fought on Neuse front.   Discharged 5-18-1919.

ODA F. CAULK - - Private 140th F. A. Bat. F., A.E.F..  Born 12-23-1892.   Son of George W. and Harriet C. Caulk (Mother dead)  R.F.D. No. 2, Irving.    Joined the colors 6-28-1918.   Overseas in August.


PAUL COLLINS - - WW I - Married to Wilma Bailey, Irving.   Moved to Pana late in 1970.    Died 6-19-1971.

RAYMOND S. CONLEY - Army 7-30-18 till 12-18-18.   2758428 - Private 1/c1 341st Guard and Fire Company Q.M.C.. Born in Irving.

WILLIAM COOK - - Entered the Army June 24, 1918 at Lincoln, Illinois.    Private   Company H. 38th Infantry.   Sailed from the U.S. on October 7, 1918 and Returned on August 23, 1919.    He served in France.   Separated August 30, 1919 at Camp Grant, Illinois.

THEODORE CRAMER - - Born 11-5-1892 died 7-17-1961.   Entered WW I on 4-30-1918, serving as a wagoner with the 303rd ammunition train and went overseas, participating in the drives for Grand Pre, St. Miniel and Argonne Forest in France.   On 5-27- 1919 he was discharged at Camp Grant and returned home.

W. ORIN CRESS - - Army 9-6-1918 till 1-2-1919.    #3018428 - Private 11th Casual Co. Camp Forrest, Ga.    Born in Irving.  Enlisted in Hillsboro.

WILLIAM GLENN CRESS - - Born 1105-1895 died 2-9-19??

RAY CRISSWELL - - Born 4-7-1895 died 9-29-1968.  Served in the 327th Field Artillery.





LEON R. DOUGLAS - - Army - #3764764 - Private, Bat. A 73rd Artillery, A.E.F..    Born 5-16-1900 at Irving.    Son of W. L. and Odessa Douglas, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 7-8-1918 at Hillsboro.   Discharged 1-15-1919 at Camp Dodge, Iowa.   Cas. Det. #38, 163 Depot Brigade.

T. ERMAN ELLIS - - Born 10-2-1895 Died 6-7-1969.   Entered Army May 27, 1918     2898984     Buried at Irving Cemetery.

OTIS G. EDDINGTON - - Army. - Co. E 28th Inf. 1st Div. Born 1890 Irving, Il.   Joined the colors 2-23-1918.   To Camp Taylor.  To Camp Sherman.   To Camp Mills.   Served in France and With A. of O., Germany.    Discharged 9-25-1919.

RALPH M. ELLINGTON - - Army 5-20-1918 till 2-5-1919.  #1545988 - Private 1st Class.   Last assigned Co. F 209 Engrs.  Born in Irving.

CHESTER WILEY FILE - - Born 6-21-1898 died 12-16-1961.  Was a veteran of both world wars.

CLINTON M. FILE - - Private 66th Engrs..   Son of Mr. & Mrs. L. A. File, Irving.    Joined the colors 5-9-1918.   Served with A.E.F. in France 6 months.   Discharged 2-20-1919.


JESS FRANKLIN - - Army 6-27-1918 till 4-4-1919 - #3703720.  Private Co. E 27th engineers.    Enlisted at Hillsboro.   Born in Irving.   Battles - Meuse-Argonne offensive Army troops 10-26 till 11-11-1918.

LOUIS ELVIN GARDELS - - Born 9-2-1896 died 6-8-1961.   Joined colors on 9--6-1918 serving an Army engineers replacemnt unit at Camp Forrest, Ga.

JOSEPH THOMAS GARDNER - - Army - Private, M. G. Btn.  Born 6-30-1898 in Irving Township.   Son of Wm. and Gertrude Gardner (Both dead).   Nearest relative William Lloyd, Coffeen.
Joined the colors 6-28-1918.   Discharged 12-16-1918.


IRA O. GOODNIGHT - - Army 6-27-1818 till 5-28-1919.  #3703735 - Private 1st class.   Born in Irving.   Battles - Neuse-Argonne offensive 9-26-1918 to 10-11-1918, A.E.F. 8-6-1918 to 5-18-1919.  Last served Co. M 125th Inf.

JOHN RAY GRAHAM - - Army - Field Art., F., 35th McClellan, Ala..   Born 1-11-1888 at Fillmore.    Son of John T. and Martha B. Graham, Irving;  Joined the colors 6-5-1917.    Discharged 5-15-1919.

JOHN RAY GRAHAM - - Army 8-1-1918 till 5-20-1919.   #3895492 - Private - 2 M.C. school for bakers and cooks.   Born in Irving.   When enlisted was 30 yrs. 7 mos. old.   Discharged for reason of asthma, bronchial.




WALTER HARP - - Army - Tank Corps.   Born 4-14-1892.   Son of W. A. Harp, Irving, Illinois.    Joined the colors 6-?-?? discharged 1-2-1919.             

LLOYD S. HEFLEY - - Army 5-28-1918 till 5-25-1919.   Born 10-2-1884 died 1-7-1948.   Served as a private in Co. C 10th infantry at Camp Custer, Mich.    #425853.   Born in Irving.

DANIEL TULLMAN HEFLEY - - Army 2-23-1918 till 9-25-1919 - Co. M 335th infantry.   Born 3-23-1891.   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hefley.    Wife Mauna I. Hefley, Witt.   Joined colors at Camp Taylor - to Camp Sherman - to Camp Mills.   Overseas September.   Transferred October 16 to Co. E 28th Infantry 1st Division.    Fought at Sedan, Meuse-Argonne offensive 9-26 to 11-11-1918.   Army of occupation Coblenz Bridgehead 12 - 13,  8-15-1919.   Born in Irving.

CASPER HENRY HINKLE - - Army 5-27-1918 till 6-12-1919 Private Co. E 142nd Inf., 36th Div..   Born in Irving, Il. 4-4-1887.    Son of Daniel and Lucy Hinkle (both dead) Hillsboro.  American Expeditionary.   Left U. S. 10-6-1918.   Returned

WILLIAM C. HUDSON - - Army 6-1-1918 till 1-17-1919.   Private #3172790 Vet Hospital #24, V. C. T. S. Tr. Cen., Camp Lee, Va..    Born in Irving.

OSCAR LEIGHTON HUGHES - - Army 9-18-1917 till 2-19-1919.   Art., Camp Mills.   Born 7-13-1887 Irving.     Son of Daniel G. and Frances C. Hughes, Hillsboro.   Served 5 months in France. Private #1982750 - Battery E. 327th Field Artillary.  

JESSE C. HULTS - - Army 7-29-1917 till 3-30-1919.   Private 1st Class, Aero Squadron 466th.   Born 12-24-1894.   Son of Henry G. and Emma S. Hults, Irving.   Joined the colors at Jefferson Barracks.   Several Months foreign seravice.   Private #25817 Flying School Detachment Squadron "E".






ROBERT V. KELLY - - Army 5-17-1918 till 7-10-1919.   #2685789 Private 79th Co. Transportation Corps, A.E.F..   Born in Irving.

COY G.. KELLEY - - Sergeant, Postal express service, Co. A, A.E.F..    Born 12-4-1889.    Son of J. C. and N. T. Kelley (dead) Irving.    Joined the colors 6-28-1918.   Promoted to sergeant
1-4-1919.   Discharged 7-14-1919.  

HARRY B. KELLEY - - Sergeant Bat. B, 41st Art., Ft. Monroe, Va.   Bron 10-20-1896.   Son of J. C. and N. T. Kelley (dead) Irving.   Joined the colors 4-23-1917.   Promoted to Corporal 2-4-1918, Sergeant 6-9.    Discharged 1-9-1919.   #612629

BASIL CORWIN KING - - Army - Sergeant Bat. F. 5th Reg., Camp Taylor.   Sonm of Mr. and Mrs. James King, Irving.   Joined the colors 6-27-1918.   Promoted to sergeant 10-1-1918.
Discharged 12-14-1918.   Born 10-22-1893 died 10-23-1977.   #3703788   Born in Irving.

CHESTER A. KING - - Army - Private 1st Class Co. A. 60th R.T.C..   Born 4-26-1892 in Irving.    Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. King, Irving.   Joined the colors 5-17-1918.   Dischareged 7-10-1919.   #2682981  


WILLIAM EDWARD KNODLE - - Private1st Class 313th Engr.   Born 1-2-1887, Witt Township.   Son of George W. and Nellie I. Knodle, Irving.   Joined the colors 9-5-1917 at Decatur.  To Camp Dodge where he carried the registered mail until injured in motorcycle wreck.   Discharged 3-15-1918.

BURREL D. LACK - - Corporal.   Born 10-1-1889, Irving.   Son of Mrs. Laura J. Lack, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 9-1-1918.  Promoted to corporal 10-5-1918.   Discharged 11-26-1918.

IVAN M LINGLE - - Army 6-14-1918 till 12-13-1918.   Corporal #3443268 Btry. "D" 3rd Regt. F.A.R.D. Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky.    Born in Irving.

RAY E. LYERLA - - Army 6-27-1918 till 4-23-1919.   Private #3703484 340th Infantry.   N.E. of Verdun September 25 to October 20, 1918 Meuse-Argonne.

CLEM McCULLEY - - Born 9-10-1895 died 7-22-1973.

HOMER F. McDAVID - - 1st Lieut. U.S. Air Service.   Paris, technical section.   Born August 25, 1892.   Son of Wm. J. and Barcie S. McDavid, Irving.   Joined the colors May 1917.   Officers' training Fort Sheridan.   Promoted to 1st Lieut. February 1918.   Killed in Paris aeroplane accident 12-12-1918.

HOMER ALVIN McHUGH - - Army Private #1392226 M.D. 122nd M.G. Btn..   Born 12-30-1896 in Irving.    Son of Lewis and Arabelle, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 3-26-1917.   Fought in Verdun Sector defensive Sept. 7 to 25, 1918 [ Meuse-Argonne offensive Sept. 26, Oct. 20, Oct. 24, Nov. 11, 1918 - Bois De Flat Chene attack Oct. 10 1918.- Fanges Sector defensive Sept. 27 to Oct. 8 1918 - Bois De Chaume atack 11th French Army Corps Oct. 8 to Oct. 10, 1918 - Bois De Flat Cene attack Oct. 10, 1918 - Bois De Chaume and Bois De Flat Chene defensive Oct. 10 to 20, 1918 - Trahon su Meuse defensive Oct. 24 to Nov. 11, 1918.   Discharged 5-29-1919.

GLOYD McLEAN - - Born 6-5-1894 died 3-24-1974.   Served with military forces during WW I.

CHARLES MADGE - - Died 12-7-1973 was 78 yrs. old.

ARTHUR E. MANN - - Army 11-29-15 till 2-12-19.   Private #1196907 1st Cl. Inf..   Last assigned Co. D. 15th ammunition tr.. Born in Irving.

IVAN K. MANN - - Army 10-11-1920 till 6-11-1921.   Private #6460705 10th Company, Puget Sound, G.A.C.

FRANCIS MARSHALL - - #595049 Q. M. Sergeant   Joined the colors November 1915.    Discharged June 4, 1920.   Born in Irving.

WALTER J. MEYER - - Army 10-2-1917 till 3-27-1919.   #1072668 Aero Squadron 662 Kelly Field.   Born;8-18-1895, Irving.   Son of William and Minnie Smith Meyer, Witt.   Chauffeur 662nd Aero Sup. Sqdrn. Air Service (M A)

WILLIAM H. MEYERS - - Born 12-9-1888 died 2-27-1977.   Born in Peoria, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meyers, Irving. Army Sergeant Do. A. 309th M.G. Sta., 78th Div..  Joined the colors 4-30-1918.   Promoted to sergeant 5-22-1918.   Fought at St. Mihiel offensive, Limey sector, Neuse-Argonne offense.   Discharged 6-9-1919.

EARL T. MICNHIMER - - Army 9-18-1917 till 2-1-1919.   Born in Irving Township 5-15-1896.   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Micnhimer, Donnellson.    #1982752 First Classs Private Brigade Hhq. 159th F.A.   Was in France about three months.

JOHN MILLER - - Army 6-27-1918 till 4-23-1919.   #3703500 Co. M 154th Inf.  A. P. O. 741.   Born 10-21-1894..   Son of Wm. and Katie Schwartz Miller (Both dead).   Nearest relative Mrs. Kate Schwartz, Irving.   Pvt. Co. K 127th Inf. Argonne Forrest Oct. 4,     Captured Oct. 5, 1918.   Soissone Sept. 30 to Oct.2, 1918.   Born in Irving.

JAMES MONCRAVIE - - Sergeant, 30th Reg. Co. I 3rd Div.   Had served in the Spanish American War.   Also a prior ;enlistment in the U. S. Army.    He re-enlisted 12-7-1917 and went across in April 1918.   Was in some of the hardest fighting of the war and made the supreme sacrifice in the Argonne Forest 10-15=1918.    James was the eldest son of John and Elizabeth Moncravie and was born 11-30-1878.



SHIRLEY MONCRAVIE - - Corporal Co. B 64th regulars.   He was in Mexico with the American forces and was wounded while hunting Villa.   Was among the first American troops to reach France when this World War broke and took an active part in the great drive that pushed the enemy back across the river.   Shirley was cited June 9 for gallant conduct.   He was killed in action near Paris on 7-18-1918.   Shirley was born 3-13-1893 the son of John and Elizabeth Moncravie.  They lost two sons and five nephews in this world war.  


                               MONCRAVIE FAMILY


HAROLD E. NEISLER - - Army 6-27-1918 till 6-20-1919 #3703524.   Private Co. L 356th Infantry.   Eewezin Sector - Meuse-Argonne.   Born in Irving.

ROY WILLIAM NUEHS - - Private 1st Class, Co. C 335th Infantry 84th Division.   Born 4-19-1894 in Irving.   Son of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Nuehs, Witt.   Joined the colors 2-24-1918.   Fought at Lys-Scheldt, Belgium.   Discharged 4-29-1919.

POWELL PADGETT - - Born in Irving 12-30-1890 died 10-17-1966.  

HOMER LEWEY PARKHILL - - Flying Cadet, Cadet Squadron March Field, California.   Born 4-15-1896 in Irving.   Son of Dr. W. V. and Anna E. Parkhill, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 10-1-1917.  Transferred to Flying Cadet 12-21-1917.   Flying from July 4 until Discharged 11-28-1918.   Died 7-10-1971.

WILLIAM R. PICK - - Army - Private Quartermaster Division, A.E.F..    Born 6-21-1894 in Irving.   Son of John C. and Bertha Pick, Irving Township.   Joined the colors 12-12-1917 at Indianapolis, Ind.   Promoted to Sergeant 10-10-1918.   ;Discharged 9-9-1919.   #776839 A.E.F. in France.

BERT E. POWIS - - Lived midway between Irving and Witt.   Born 5-10-1894 died 4-9-1977.   Served overseas in WW I with 11th Infantry band and fought in a major battle at St. Mihiel, France and served with the 5th Army of Occupation in Luxemaburg and in France.

HOMER V. REBMAN - - Army - Corporal 16th Infantry Co. A.  Born in Irving, son of Mr. & Mrs. F. A. Rebman, Irving.   Joined the colors 4-29-1914 at Jefferson Barracks.   Entered Mexico with Gen. Pershing.    Overseas June 26, 1917.    Schrapnel wound Broyes ,France 5-8-1918.    Wounded at battle of Somme 5-9-1918.   Gassed 7-19-1918 at Soissons, Chateau Thierry ..   Returned to U.S.A. 10-25-1918.   Discharged 6-5-1919.   #41785.  

JOHN REICHEL - - Born 4-23-1887 died 12-22-1960.   Served as a private in Co. M 328th Infantry Co. from 10-4-1917 till 5-29-1919.

CLAY ROGERS - - Bugler Bat. E. 327th F.A..    Born 12-14-1894.   Son of Chas. E. and Belle Alice Rogers, Irving.   Joined the colors 9-19-1917.    Camp Taylor.     Overseas 9-8-1918 for 5 months.    Returned to U.S.A. February 4 - Discharged 2-19-1919.

HARVEY ROGERS - - F. A. Son of James B. Rogers, Tamaroa. Joined the colors 5-21-1918.  

HAYDEN ROGERS - - Sergeant Bat. C 2nd Btn. 120th F.A., A.E.F..    Born 11-6-1890.   Son of Chas. E. and Belle Alice Rogers, Irving.   Joined;the colors 6-28-1918 Camp Taylor, Ky.   Overseas 10- ?? - 1918.    Discharged at Camp Grant 5-16-1919.

JUDGE GARNETT ROGERS - - Private 1st Class Co. D. 113th Infantry 29th Division, 1st Btn. Intelligence Sect. A.E.F..    Born 12-11-1892.   Son of Chas and Belle Alice Rogers, Irving.   Joined 2-23-1918 Damp Taylor, Ky.   Overseas in June.   July 25 to Sept. 23 Defense Haute Alsace.   Oct. 8 Halbrouck Hill.   Oct. 11 Attack on Ormont Woods.   Oct. 16 battle Bois De La Montagne.

ANDREW R. RUSHFORD - - Fireman on "Seattle" Merchant Marine, 25 S. St., N. Y..   Born 4-12-1897 What Cheer, Iowa.   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rushford, Irving.   Joined the colors 3-2-1918.   Overseas in May for nine months active service.   Discharged 12- ?? -1918.  

JESSE SPANGLER - - Army 10-2-17 till 1-8-1919.   #2101869 Private Co. F.   Discharge Detachment #2 Camp Grant, Il.     Born in Irving.

FLOYD VINCENT STEWART - - Sergeant Co. A 122nd M. G. Btn.. and Co. B 22nd. u.s.g..   Born in Irving Son of Van D. and Enphemia Stewart, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 3-26-1917.   Promoted to Corporal 7-15-1918.   Sergeant 11-12-1918.   Discharged 12-20-1918.

BLISS E. STURGEON - - Army - Private 1st Class Co. A. 122nd M. G. Btn.   Born 1-23-1898 in Irving.   Son of Marshal and Almedia Sturgeon, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 3-29-1917.   Promoted to 1st Class Private 5-15-1917.   Fought at Amiens, Verdun, Meuse-Argonne, Bois De Forges, Bois De Chat and Troyon De Sur.   #1392306 Vaden Line 111 Corps. 6-23 & 24, 1918.   Amiens Sector 4 Army Corps. 6-26 to 7-16-1918.   Verdun Sector 9-7 to 25-1918.   Meuse Argonne Offensive 26 September.

TORNEY G. STURGEON - - Army - Sergeant Co. A. 122nd M.G. Btn..   Born 8-19-1890 in Irving.   Son of Amos and America Sturgeon, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 5-16-1917.   Promoted to Corporal 8-1-1917 -  Sergeant 10-16-1917.   Fought at Vaen, Argonne, Verdun, Amiens.   #1392253.   Vaderi Line 3rd Corps B.E.F. June 23 and 24-1918.   Amiens Sector Army Line 4th Army B.C.F. June 26 to July 16-1918.    Verdun Sector
West of Meuse-Argonne offensive September 26 to October 20, 1918, October 24 to November 11, 1918.   Bois de Forges attack Sept. 27, 1918  Forges Sector, Defensive Sept. 27 to Oct. 8, 1918.   Bois de Chaume attack 17th.   French Army Corps Oct. 8 to 10-1918.   Bois de Plat Chene attack Oct. 10,1918.   Bois de Chaume and Bois de Flat Chene defensive Oct. 10 to 20, 1918.   Troyan-aur-Meuse Sector defensive Oct. 10 to 20, 1918.   Army of occupation from Dec. 12 to Dec. 17, 1918 and April 1 to 12, 1919.     Discharged 5-29-1919.

WILLIS B. STURGEON - - Army - 1st Class Private 1st Div. A.E.F..   Born 3-30-1893 in Irving.   Son of Hiram and Hattie Sturgeon, Fillmore Township.   Joined the colors 2-23-1918.   Promoted to 1st Class Private 9-1-1918.   # 1994558.   Argonne Woods - Assigned to 19th Co. 5th Tr. Bn. 159th D. B. Feb. 23, 1918.   Transferred to 1st Div. Oct. 6, 1918.   Served in France and Germany with Co. M 335th Inf. from Sept. 3, 1918 to Oct. 6,1918 and with Co. L. 20th Infantry from Oct. 6, 1918 to Sept. 4, 1919 and with Co. L 28th Infantry from Sept. 4, 1919 to Sept. 22, 1919.   Discharged 9--25-1919.


AMOS TARRAN - - Co. C 61st Inf. 5th Div..    Born 3-21-1885, Wales, England.   Son of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tarran (Both in England)    Brother Ben Tarran, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 9-20-1917.

THOMAS TARRAN - - Co. C 61st Inf., France.    Son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tarran, Irving.   Joined the colors 9-20-1917

JAMES M. TAULBEE - - Army - Sergeant 33rd Div. 124th M. G. Btn..   Born 2-25-1880 in Irving.   Son of Mrs. Margaret M. Taulbee, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 3-26-1917.   One year foreign service.   Fought at Albert offensive.   St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne offensive.   Discharged 5-31-1919.   Prior service 1908 to 1911 and 1914 to 1917.   Meuse-Argonne 9-26-1918 till 10-19-1918.   Tryon sector 10-25 to 11-18,  8/10 - 26/18 Verdun Sector.  

JESSE E. TAULBEE - - Army - Sergeant 33rd Div. 124th M. G. Btn..   Born 5-2-1895 in Irving.   Son of L. F. and Rosa C. Tauklbee, Donnellson.    Joined the colors 5-5-1916.   Promoted to Corporal 8-1-197.   Sergeant 6-19-1918.   Fought at Somme offensisve and Neuse-Argonne.   Illinois volunteer Infantry.   Silver Star.    Discharged 6-29-1919.


LELAND C. TOBIAS - - Army 9-10-1915 till 6-4-1920.   #1142027.   Born in Irving.   Private Co. C 9th Engineers.   Was also in Punitive Expedition in Mexico from 3-26-16 to 2-5-1917.


VORIS VINCENT VANDEVER - - Sergeant 347th Service Btn.. Born in Irving.   Son of Wm. Cyrus and Sarah Eleanor Grantham Vandever, Irving.   Joined the colors 6-28-1918.   Promoted to sergeant 9-1-1918.   Discharged 7-18-1919.

JESSE GURNEY VINCENT - - Colonel O.R.C. Member of joint Army and Navy technical aircraft board.   Born 2-10-1880.   Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Vincent, Irving.   He was vice president Packard Motor Co. and designer of the Liberty Motor.   Resigned to enter the air service in May 1917 and rose rapidly to command of McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio.    Discharged 11-30-1918.

CHESTER A. WALCHER -- - Army 11-11-1917 till 6-24-1919.   #2504101.   Born in Irving.   Meuse-Argonne offensive 10-25- to 11-11-1918.

MICHAEL E. WALCHER - - Army - Sergeant - Med. Dept. Gen. Hosp. No. 17.   Born 5-31-1897 in Irving.   Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Walcher, Irving.   Joined the colors 5-24-1918 at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.   Promoted to Private 1st Class August 1918.   Sergeant 3-1-1919.   #499966.   American expeditionary forces.   Discharged 4-2-1919.

RAY A. WEBER - - Corporal - Bat. A 58th Artillery.   Born 11-28, 1888 in Irving.   Son of George and Anne Weber (Father dead), Litchfield.   Joined the colors 5-5-1917.   Promoted to corporal 9-13-1918.   #628863.   Last assigned Battery A 58th Artillery C.A.C..   Discharged 5-15-1919.

CORWIN  R. WHEELER - - Army 9-6-1918 till 7-19-1919.   #3018240.   Privat6e Co. C 122nd Engineers.   Served with A.E.F.   Born in Irving.

MELVIN M. WHITLOCK - - Army - Private 73rd Coast Artillery.   Born 1-9-1899 in Irving.   Son of Johnb E. and Emma C. Whitlock, Hillsboro.   Joined the colors 7-8-1918..   @3764784.   Cas. Det. #38 163rd Depot Brigade.    Discharged 6-14-1919.

G. LEMAR WILEY - - National Guard - Private Hospital Corps. Born 10-24-1895 in Irving.   Son of C. B. and Cleo M. Wiley, Cambridge, Kansas.   Joined the colors June 1914 at Hillsboro.   Attached Sau troops of the 5th Reg. of Inf. Illinois National Guard.   Discharged June 1917.

JOSEPH T. WILHELM - - Army - 154th Inf. Co. M.   Son of Jesse F. Wilhelm, Irving.   Joined the colors 6-28-1918.   #3703611.   Private E Company 126th Inf.   Left U.S. 8-6-1918.   Left France 8-25-1919.   Arrived U.S. 3-11-1919.    Discharged 3-28-1919. 


FRANK P. YESKE - - Army 6-27-1918 till 5-14-1919.  Born in Irving.    #3703624.   Private Co. L. 165th Inf. .   St. Mihiel offensive Sept. 12 to Sept. 16, 1918.    Meuse-Argonne offensive Sept. 26 to Nov. 11, 1918.

WALTER YESKE - - Army 3-26-1918 till 1-29-1919.   #1994434,   Private Co. 4 Conv Center.   Last assigned Co. E 28th Inf.    Born in Irving.