The Irving Lutheran Church, is an offshoot of the East Fork Church, one of the oldest organizations in the county.    The Irving Church was organized in the year 1858, by Rev. Isaac Short, who was it's first pastor.   The records, now in possession of David Gregory, show the following names of original members:   H. M. Neisler, Isaac Lewey,  George File,  Reuben Lingle,  Elizabeth Neisler,  David Gregory,  Susan File, Catherine Lewey,  Rebecca Gregory,  William Newcomb,  Samuel T. Bartlett,  Mary Newcomb and Patsy Bartlett.    Since its organization, the church has been administered to by the following pastors in the order named:   J. B. Cromer,  Martin Miller,  Hiram Gregory,  Francis Springer,  L. C. Groseclose,  George Hammer, and J. M. Lingle, Present pastor.   The congregation continued to meet with the East Fork Church till 1860, when their neat, comfortable building was erected.   The building is frame, the aggregate cost of which was about $1,500.
Their Sunday school has an average attendance of about sixty, and is superintended by E. P. Cromer.   Public services are held every alternate Lord's day, and prayer meeting every Wednesday evening.   Is one of the aggressive churches of the town.       
Church History


     In 1858 there were a number of people of the "Lutheran Faith" living in and near Irving who desired to organize themselves a congregation.   A constitution was drawn up and signed Aug. 21, 1858 by the pastor, Rev. Isaac Short, William A. Newcomb and George H. File, Deacons, and H. M. Neisler, Elder.
Whereas a number of "Members of the Irving Lutheran Church" are living in the town of Irving and its vicinity, and whereas it is deemed expedient by those members to organize themselves a Congregation for the greater facilities of the means of Grace and for the Glory of God and the Advancement of the Kingdom;--Therefore, We, the members of said Church, living in the Town of Irving, and its vicinity, do hereby organize ourselves  into a Congregation, and adopt the following Constitution.
Article I,   This Church shall be known by the name of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Irving, Montgomery County, State of Illinois.
Article II    No Minister or Licentiate shall or can take charge of this church, unless he is a regular member of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod, that is connected with the General Synod of the United States of North America.
Article III    The officers of this church shall consist of a Pastor and church council;  two (or one) Elder;  two (or four) deacons.   Elders and Deacons shall be elected from among the regular (male) Comunion Members of this church.   Their term of service shall be two years.
Signed this 21st day of August 1858
                                                      Isaac Short, Pastor
                                                      Wm. A. Newcomb, Deacon
                                                      Geo. H. File, Deacon
                                                      H. M. Neisler, Elder

This Church was organized with a Charter Membership of twelve members.     They were:   H. M. Neisler,  Elizabeth Neisler,  Wm. A. Newcomb,  Mary A. Newcomb,  Mary Newcomb,  Charles H. Newcomb,  George H. File,  Susan L. File,  Moses M. Sides,  Mary Sides,  Augusta Becke and Dorothy Becke.

The congregation worshipped in the first church building until the year 1909, when the present building was erected on the site of the old building at a cost of $7,600.   The old church building was moved to the rear of the lot and converted into class rooms and a chapel for prayer meetings.   The new church building having been added onto the old structure made a seating capacity of 300.   Mr. Carriker was instumental in the construction and care of the church property for many years and gave of his time and labor as a love gift.   The present church building is a product of a vision Mr. Carriker had many years ago which finally blossomed forth as a reality.   The new church building was dedicated Feb. 20th, 1910, with Dr. Yarger, Field Secretary of the Generall Synod as the speaker.

    John Carriker, father of Julius J. Carriker, tolled the old church bell at the funeral of his old friend, Geo. H. File, according to the North Carolina Custom.   Mr. Carriker made a mallet and climbed up into the belfry at the age of 80 years, and tolled the bell.
    On July 8, 1867, the church council voted to permit the Cumberland Presbyterians to use the Lutheran Church House without charge when the Lutherans were not using it.  
Brother J. W. King was appointed to inform them of the action of the council.
    On May 13, 1876 the contract for replastering the church, rebuilding a flue, and putting a pillar under the pulpit was awarded to John S. Ault and Wm. Sanders for $110.00.
    July, 1876 Mr. Johyn McDowell was employed to do the inside painting of the church at $2.00 per day.
    Dec. 24, 1881 Motion was made by Gregory that Mr. Lewey procure a lamp for the outside door of the church.  Motion carried.
    Jan. 30, 1884 Mr. Graham presented a bill of $12.00 for 4 3/4 cords of wood delivered at the church.   The bill was ordered paid.
    Jan. 30, 1884 Mr. D. E. Gregory presented a bill for making a new pulpit, blackboard, and some repairs for the church amounting to 12.00.    The bill was allowed, and the Ladies' Aid Society was respectfully asked to settle the account as the Ladies' Society had the matter in hand of furnishing the pulpit and altar.
    The Rev. Wm. M. Habey served the Lutheran Congregation as Pastor from 1893-1898.   During this time, Dec. 28, 1897, The Rev. Habey and Miss Anna Schraudt of Irving were united in marriage at The Irving Lutheran Church by the Rev. Ezra Keller of Hillsboro.   Miss Ivy Gregory played the wedding march.
    Dec. 15, 1908 The members of the church council voted in favor of lighting the church with electricity.   The lights were installed Dec. 24,1908.
    The old church parsonage was sold in 1912 to Mrs. Helen Price, and in 1913, the present new parsonage was built at a cost of $3200.00, during the pastorate of the Rev. Geo. G. Parker.   It is a modern 8 room bungalow.
    In May 1917, the Ladies' Aid Society offered to furnish material for new walks needed at the parsonage and church, if the men would do the work.    Needless to say the offer was accepted.
    Aug. 25, 1918 was the fifth anniversary of the Rev. Parker's work in Irving, and Dr. Hoover of Carthage, Il. was invited to preach.   At that time $500.00 was raised to be applied on "Building Indebtedness", to be paid by Dec. 31, 1918.
    Mr. James Drew, a member of the Irving Lutheran Church for over 65 years, died Sept. 15, 1939.   During this time he held various church offices, and was also a member of the choir.   He loved to sing, and possessed a good tenor voice.
    The Rev. William N. King, pastor for both Irving Lutheran, and St. Matthew's Lutheran in Fillmore, died May 2, 1954 at Hillsboro Hospital, Hillsboro, Il.   Funeral services were held in St. Luke Lutheran Church May 4th and burial was in Chapel Hill Memorial Park, Dixon, Il.
    The pulpit from which the sermon was delivered today was made by David E. Gregory in 1876 and used in the old church until 1909; when it was moved to its present site.
    The oldest members of the congregation at present (1983) are Mrs. Mary (Wilson) McElroy, 96 and Mrs. Ava (Lyerla) Wells 90.
    Regular organist and pianists for our church worship services have been as follows:   Miss Susan Lewey, Mrs. Gertrude (Price) Laws,  Mrs. Ivy (Gregory) Kelly,  Mrs. Susan (Drew) Neisler,  Mr. Oliver Lipe,  Mrs. Nell (Funk) Botkin,  Mrs. Edna (Fowler) Kelly,  Mrs. Martha Wineburner,  and Mrs. Shirley Heath.
    The longest length of service on the church council records shows James Drew 56 years, G. Wilbur Jurgena 42 years, Charles Eddington 41 years, and Oscar King, 36 years.
    The altar in the sanctuary was given and dedicated in 1957 by the Luther League.
    The organ was given by Mr. and Mrs. David Wineburner in 1969.
    The bathroom was added in 1969 by a bequest from Miss Etta King.
    New carpeting was installed in 1971 in the sanctuary and
Sunday School rooms for heating economy.
    In 1981, a wall was placed between the sanctuary and Sunday School rooms for heating economy.
    The council approved the installation of a new furnace to be installed in 1982 at a cost of $2600.00.
    The church was redecorated on the interior and exterior in 1983.