The St. John's Lutheran Church was organized in the year 1842, and has a present membership of about sixty five.
    Rev. Daniel Trimper was the first preacher, and it was under his labors that the church was organized.   The following names appear on the old church records as original members....Henry Carriker, Mary Carriker, Tillman Hefley, - - - Hefley, Nancy Lipe, John Lipe, Rachel Lipe.   Rev. Trimper was a man of remarkable force of character, and under his administration the church grew to be a power for good in the community.   The first house used by the congregatgion for public worship was built in 1845.   Twenty seven years afterward, the present edifice was erected.   This is a frame building, 28 x 30 feet, and was built at a cost of $1,000.    It was dedicated in the year 1872 by Rev. George Bowers.    Rev. J. Livingood, Rev. ----Scherer, Rev. ----Schwartz, Rev. John Cromer and Rev. George Hammer have been pastors of this church.
    (Source - History of Bond and Montvomery County)
                              By.  Robert R. Bliss
Church History