Below is a list of Irving High School graduates from class of 1889 through 1906.    Effie Cromer (Nelson) and  Miss Lottie Vandever were the first graduates of Irving High School.  
This article was taken from History of Bond and Montgomery county by Robert R. Bliss in 1882..
The first school in the village of Irving was taught by a Mr. Frink, in the old Hopewell meeting - house, which had been moved to town in the latter part of the year 1856.   The next school was taught by J. W. King.    John Franklin and George Baker were among the first teachers in the village.  The little frame building was the only school-house in the town for several years.   When there were more pupils than it could accommodate, rooms in private dwelling houses were fitted up for the surplus scholars.   In the year 1866, the present school building was erected at a cost of $2,000.    This house is of brick, two stories high and contains two large-sized school rooms.   These rooms are not sufficiently large to accommodate all the pupils of the schools, and the propriety of enlarging the building is being discussed.  The schools are at present under the superintendency of Prof. M. TG. Miller, assisted by W. C. Hobson, Miss Means and Miss Hogshett.
The picture of that first brick school-house is shown below.
Apparently the first brick building was not adequate so we believe that it was demolished and the second brick below replaced it in 1906.
The second brick burned in 1925.   See picture below.
Below is a picture of the new building that was built to replace
the one that burned in 1925.   This picture was taken in 2007 and is presently owned and occupied by CRC.