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The Taulbee Family

Back L to R:
James Perry Taulbee, Ruby Taulbee, Clarence Taulbee, Perry Taulbee, Edna Taulbee, Sophia Wickner Taulbee.
Front L to R: Anna Taulbee and Sara Leth Taulbee
Weller Family picture taken on a farm outside Irving, IL.
Circa 1880's

Back Row: Noah, George, John, Lew
Seated: Ellen, Daniel Weller (Father) Mag, Holly, Herb
Front: Otto, Ross
By Allison R. Byrd Ginnodo

Top row: Maggie Cockelreas, Emma Gray, Mrs. Milton Romine, Mrs. John Roberts, Mary Murphy, Lucinda hunter, Mrs. John Cook & John Cook.
Middle Row: Woman with baby is Mrs. Hefley, Mrs. Eligah Cunningham, Elijah Cunningham, Grandma Schraudt, Sophia Wiley & Sophi Kelly.
Front row: Minnie Burton, Bridan Hunter, Helle Hughes, Rev. & Mrs. Cecil & children, M.E. minister.
Old Threshing Maching with Crew and their Family
Aunt Laura and her music class at Irving, Il. About 1910.
By Carolyn (Kelly) Entler

Front row L to R: - Claude McKinney, Pauline (McDavid) King, Alice (Sponner) Neisler, Susie Kelly, Hellen (Fowler) Williams, Helen (Boror) Holmes.
Second Row: - Ruby Wiley, Evelyn (File) Emmons, Lillie Sims, Muriel (Carriker) Havelka, Edna (Fowler) Kelly, Nellie (Rhinehart) Cramer, Homer Parkhill.
Third Row: - Leda (Vandever) Davis, Stella (Neisler) Christy, Mae (Neisler) Keisling Ruth (Neisler) Brown.
Fourth Row: - Nina Baker, Alice Bartlett, Edna (Bartlett) Botkin, Velma Spooner
In Back: - Laura Jane Vincent Williams.
Alan Hodgkinson
Alan with his daughter Joyce at his Phillips 66 Station
Alan behind the counter of the station.
Picture taken in the early 1930's
The Irving Area Historical Museum is very proud of the followin Centurians. These pictures adorn the East wall of the Century House.
Below are some of our Founding Families
   Nathan Lee Hutchins, 82, a resident of Irving for 35 years and a former mayor who served for ten years as head of the village government, died Tuesday at 2:05 p.m. at the residence in Irving after several weeks of declining health.
   The remains were removed to the Bass Funeral Home to await the funeral which was held at 2:00 p.m. today at the Irving Christian Church.   The paster, Rev. Milton Easterling was the officiant and burial was made in the Irving Cemetery.
   A native of Stony Point, North Carolina, Mr. Hutchins was born on June 19, 1864, a son of Jesse and Malinda Hutchins and at his death, he was 82 years, 6 months and 25 days of age.   He was employed for many years as a foreman of the section crew for the New York Central Railroad until he was retired by the company because of his age and provided with a company pension.
   He moved to Illinois in 1902 and lived at Irving since 1912.   He and Mrs. Mattie Hughes Johnson were married on December 3, 1885 at Stony Point and she preceded him in death in 1929.
   The couple became the parents of eleven children, four of whom, two sons and two daughters, have died.
   Surviving are five sons and two daughters, Wayne, of Livingston; Jewel, wife of Irby Winkler and Paul Hutchins, both of Alton; Harryh of Kilgore, Texas; Alvin, of Litchfield; Robert, of Midland, Mich., and Ruth, Wife of Ralph Athey, of Irving.   Also surviving are forty-six grandchildren and twenty-two great-grandchildren.   A brother preceded him in death.   Mr. Hutchens was a member of the Irving Christian Church for many years.
                         Our great grandmother
Mother of Margaret E. Mann, who was mother of Sarah Eleanor
Grantham.  Margaret having married Ezekiel Grantham and Sarah Eleanor Grantham married Wm. Cyrus Vandever who had 5 daughters and 5 sons.  Sons were William A, Charles, Voris,  Gary & Verne.  Daughters were Lottie, Isabelle (Lyerla), Clara (Carriker), Elva (Hadoway) and Leda (Davis).
Fred & Cecelia Singler
Left to right::-  Willa (Neisler) Helm,  Velma (Neisler) Wilhelm,  Dora Neisler,  Will Neisler (A Minister) &Verna (Neisler) Chewynds.   Velma is Luthella (Wilhelm) McPherson's mother and Will & Dora are her Grandparents.
The Grantham Family - - On back of picture it reads "To Mrs. W. H. Neisler, Loogootee, Il".   From Rose M. A. Grantham.
    Seated L-R - Effie Stewart, wife of Pleasant R. Stewart; Ada (Reynolds) Stewart, wife of William H. Stewart;  Elizabeth Alice (Muusgrave) Walcher, granddaughter of Henry & Susan Steweart, daughter of William & Emily Jane Musgrave of Irving & Nancy Elizabeth (Stewart) Lyerla, daughter of Henry & Susan Sterwart.
     Standing L-R - Pleasant R. Stewart, son of Henry & Susan Stewart;  William H. Stewart, son of Henry & Susan Stewart  Edward A. Lyerla, husband of Nancy Elizabeth Stewart.
     Over one hundred years ago, in a big farmhouse 2 miles out of Witt, Illinois, a little girll was born to Amelia and William Schoeneweis.   She was named Oregona Christina Laura Schoeneweis.   She had an older sister, Rena, and an older brother, Herbert.   After a few years, a little boy, Hartwell (Hardy), joined the family.   They were then blessed with another little boy and named him Jesse.
     Orgie, as she was quickly nicknamed, was a little mother to the boys, her brothers.    She went to Pleasant Hill, a one room schoolhouse.
     In 1924, Orgie met a dashing young man, Roy Denton as he was known, who was travling through Illinois with a thrashing gang.   They fell in love and were married on January 20, 1926 in Taylorville, Illinois.
     Then (you guessed it) the children came along.   Darlene was the oldest, born in 1928,  followed by Henry, who died 1935,  then Robert (Bud), Linda and Juanita.   As a mother, Oregona always taught her children to believe in God, say their prayers, and go to chdurch.   She always saw the best in people, always saying, "There is good in everyone, you just have to find it."   The golden rule was also taught in the Denton home.  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
Henry Hartman getting a load of coal weighed.   He drove this drey team and made deliveries for Ralph Bryce.   Probably in the late 1920's.
Cooks Feed Store in Irving in 1920.    From L to R :-  Chas. Madge (on wagon),    Paul Ulrici,   William Cook,      Hazel Logston,    Iris Cook,   Lee (Junior) McGlothlin and Elmer Kessler.
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Beasley
The Berry family in Irving around 1910.     L to R : - Grace,    Frank,    Corinne,    Verda   and   Kenneth
   Irving High School basketball team around 1908 or 09
L to R :-  Chester King,   Alva Bailey,    Hal Whitten,   Homer Carriker,    Everett Brown & Ivan Lingle.
                                             R. L. FUNK POULTRY HOUSE - FEBRUARY 2, 1931
                                            Lady is unidentified.   Man is believed to be Corwin King.
                  RED & WHITE STORE 1931
          John Potterf - Owner and Irene Grimes
Walter V. Berry & wife Abigail
Fred, Evelyn and Cecelia Singler