By Tom Bliss
    Just when, where or why this picture was taken the writer of this feature does not know, but from the few facts available these bewhiskered gentlemen were all veterans of the Civil War and members of the Grand Army of the Republic at Irving.
    The flag bearer, the armed color guards, the veterans, some wearing the hats and parts of the uniforms they wore in service, and others wearing the medals they had earned, posed for this picture for some special event.   Any reader of the NEWS who can furnish the answers as to when, where and why the picture was taken, and by whom, is asked to let the editors know about this part of the past.
    These veterans of the war between the states were:
  Front row, left to right:   Al Rhinehart, Dan Hinkle, John Moncravie, Wilbur Frazier, John Senior, Jim Wilson, John Bartlett and Dave Pruitt.
  Back row, left to right:   William B. Grantham, Elijah Pruitt, Ambrose Kelly, John McCarty, Thomas Grantham, W. T. Ault, William Lohr, Joe Tester, Vincent Feraris, Marion Satterlee, John Williams, Jim Cressman, Trimp Hefley and Tom Padgett.

Civil War Veterans from Irving Township are listed below.


JOHN WILSON BARTLETT - Born July 18, 1837 and died May 10, 1907.  Served 1861 till 1864.   Survivor of battle of Shilo.

WILLIAM S. BERRY - Served at Cairo, Il. under Captain ;Kitchell in Co. H 9th Illinois volunteer infantry.

MARION BONE - Born June 21, 1843 and died March 31, 1916.

J. W. BOSTICK - Born ? ?   Died September 2, 1863.   Pvt.
Army Co. B 117th Illinois Infantry.   Buried at McCord cemetery.

W. P. BOSTICK - Born ? ?   Died August 11, 1863.   Pvt. Army Co. B 117th Illinois Infantry.   Buriied in McCord cemetery.

GEORGE C. CLOTFELTER - Born ? ?  Died October 5, 1916. Pvt. Army, Co. H 9th Illinois Infantry.   Buried in McCord cemetery.


GEORGE W. DRYER - Born ? ?  Died December 22, 1918.  Cpl. Army, Co. E. 1st Illinois Infantry.   Buried McCord cemetery.


DILLARD FRANKLIN - Son of John Lawrence Franklin, the first permanent white settler in Irving Township.

BROWNELL WILBUR FRAZER - Born December 18, 1834 and died June 26, 1914.   Enlisted in the army in 1862 and was honorably discharged in 1865, having served his country three years.


WILLIAM B. GRANTHAM - Born 1842 and died 1922.   Buried in Hopewell cemetery,  grave 4.   Served as Pvt. in the Army in Co. F 126th Illinois infantry.

EDMUND L. HALLER - Born November 3, 1837 and died ;May 29, 1910.   Enlisted in the service in 1861 but because of ill health he was not permitted to muster into the service.

HENRY HARP - Born December 26, 1832 and died January 14, 1917.   Was an old soldier having served in the Civil War in an Indiana company.


DANIEL HINKLE - Born September 12, 1848 and died April 3, 1917.   On May 3, 1864 he enlisted in the Union Army in company '"F" 143rd regiment of infantry of Illinois and served ;until the expiration of his enlistment when he was honorably discharged September 26, 1864.

DANIEL HUGHES - Born ? ?  Died September 2, 1882.   Buried McCord cemetery.

JOHN IRVIN - Born February 3, 1835 and died November 10, 1915.   He served in the Army three years and after the Civil War moved to Missouri.


JOHN N. KELLY - Born May 27, 1835 and died June 22, 1912.   He served three years in the Civil war.

D. ALEXANDER KERR - Born ? ?  Died May 17, 1879.   Buried McCord cemetery.

J. E. KNIGHT - Born ? ?  Died July 11, 1919.   Buried McCord cemetery.


BENJAMIN F. McCLURE - Born July 13, 1832  Died April 26, 1910.   Enlisted in the Army August 20, 1861 in Co. G. 40th Illinois Infantry for three years.   He was honorably discharged therefrom by reason of a wound near the close of his term of enlistment.

MARTIN McHENRY - Buried in King Cemetery.   Served in Co. F, 54th Illinois Infantry.

DAVID MENLY - Born ?  ?   Died July 6, 1870.   Buried McCord cemeteryj.

JOHN W. MONCRAVIE - Born 1842 Died August 6, 1914.  Enlisted in the Union Army in 1862 and served the remainder of the war.    John W. Moncravie comes from a famous family of fighters.   His grandfather Moncravie was a soldier in the French Army, who after coming to this country enlisted with Custer in the seventh, and died with the rest of the heroes on the Little Big Horn.    Four of his uncles were in the Civil War, Henry Wisner, who left a leg on the battle field, Caleb who was killed at Martinbury, Va., Jacob and Samuel who served three years uninjured.    John Wisner Moncravie (himself) who ran away from home and enlisted under the name of John Wisner, served three years and seven months in the Union Army.    Going with Sherman on his march from Atlanta to the sea and on up around the coast to Washington, D.C..   His only injury was received at snake Creek Gap, Ga.   Mr. Moncravie was not only a descendent of soldiers but he is the father of two soldiers, James T,  his oldest son served in the Spanish-American war and afterwards enlisted in the regular.   His first term of enlistment expiring June 7, 1914.   Shirley the youngest son enlisted in the U. S. Army in April of this year (1914) and is now doing duty in;the Canal Zone.    James and Shirley were both killed in France during WW I.
         WAR 1898

THOMAS H. PADGETT - Born February 17, 1840  Died January 6, 1911.   Enlisted as sergeant in Co. A of the 32nd Illinois infantry at Palmyra, Illinois and was mustered into service August 29, 1861 at Camp Butler, Illinois.   Was honorably discharged at the close of the Civil War.


ELIJAH PRUITT - Born 1837  Died 1909  Was a veteran of the Civil War from the Northern side.

ALFRED AUGUSTUS RHINEHART - Born April 10, 1839 Died March 30, 1927. Army Captian in the 148th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company D. He was wounded near the end of the war on March 30, 1865. Moved to irving shortly after the war with wife Pennelopy where he became a farmer.

JOHN C. ROBERTS -  Born July 25, 1825  Died May 21, 1910. He enlisted as a volunteer August 15, 1862 at Hillsboro in Company F. 126th infantry and was orderly sergeant for most of 3 years.   He also served in the Mxican war for two years 1846-48.

J. M. RUTLEDGE - War B, Army, 2nd Reg.  Born ? ?    Died March 27, 1880.    Buried McCord cemetery.

HENRY W. SATTERLEE - Born 1841  Died February 1865.

MARION B. SATTERLEE - Born June 21, 1843  Died March 31, 1915.    In 1861 when this country was in the throes of a bloody civil war he answered his country's call and enlisted in Company F. 126th Illinois volunteers and served until the close of the war when he mustered out and returned to Irving.

W. R. SATTERLEE -  Pvt. Army, Co. F. 126th Illinois infantry  Buried Hopewell Cemeter,t grave 6.

JOHN SENIOR - Born September 9, 1821  Died September 2, 1908.   He became a citizen of this country and when the Civil War was at it's 3worst he enlisted in the Union Army.


SYDNEY T. UPCHURCH - Buried in Hopewell cemeterey.

WILLIAM H. WARD - Born May 8, 1830  Died October 14, 1911.  In 1862 he enlisted in the Army and served his country faithfully for three years.

JOHN W. WEEKS - Born March 21, 1843  Died July 27, 1911. He enlisted in Co. C 143rd Illinois volunteer infantry in 1861 and continued in the service for 4 years and 9 months.

A. F. T. WILLIAMS - Born ? ?  Died ? ?.   War B  Pvt. Army, 3rd Reg. 2nd Brigade.   Buried McCord cemetery.

JOHN BERRY WILLIAMS = Born December 25, 1837  Died September 12, 1910.    On August 14, 1862 he answered his country's call and enlisted as a member of Co. B 117th Illinois Volunteers.   He served his country faithfully and participatged in many of the important engagements of the war of the rebellion.

J. T. WILLIAMS - Born ? ?    Died August 21, 1894. Buried in McCord Cemetery.

W. J. WILLIAMS - Born ? ?  Died March 13, 1876.   Buried in McCord Cemetery.


HENRY MOSES WOLFORD - Born Augukst 1, 1836  Died August 17, 1916.   He was veteran of the Civil War and a splendid citizen.

CHRISTOPHER YESKE - Born ?  ?   Died March 14, 1895.  Buried in Hopewell Cemetery - Grave 2

J. A. VANHOOSER -  Born April 25, 1844  Died January 13, 1923.   Buried King Cemetery.    Served in Co. F. 54th Illinois Infantry.  
Like other western countries, America seeks an empire, eyeing especially the Spanish possessions in the Caribbean and the Pacific.   The battleship U.S.S. Maine, sent to Havana, Cuba to protect American citizens there, is blown up in the harbor.   Two months later, congress declares war on Spain, after spain refuses to relinquish Cuba.    American forces attack the Spanish fleet in the Phillipines and land in Cuba.   U. S. Navy ships destroy the Spanish fleet and bombard Santiago.    The Spanish surrender.   Americans occupy Puerto Rico, another Spanish possession.   Spain gives up Cuba and Puerto Rico and sells the Phillipine Islands to the United States for

JAMES T. MONCRAVIE - A veteran of that war.    Born November 27, 1878 and died October 13, 1918.    Enlisted in Spanish American war in Co. K 4th Regiment at Litchfield, Illinois on May 11, 1898.   Was examined May 18, 1898 and mustered in on May 20, 1898.   Discharged at Camp Columbia, Cuba ;on Januarey 13, 1898.
He enlisted later in World War I in Co. I 30th Regiment of infantry on December 9, 1917.   Was killed in action on October 13, 1918.   Was sergeant at the time.   Was buried in grave 7, row 13, Block C, Meuse-Argonne American cemetery, Romagne-sousmontfaucon, Department of Meuse, France.
The U. S. 16th Infantry has ever endeavered, and most succesfully, to live up to its motto "Semper Paratus" and to be in fact, as well as theory, "Always Ready" for whatever might come.
    This has meant hard and active service during the period immediately following Colonial times and in Mexico during our invasion of that country.   It has meant that they of the Sixteenth also fought brother against brother in our Civil War.  Fought also in Cuba, the Philippines, Texas, Alaska and more.
    This Regiment was ordered to the Mexican Border, April, 1914, and went into camp at El Paso.   It was brigaded with its fighting pardner of the Spanish War, the Sixth Infantry, forming the 8th Infantry Brigade.  Here for two years it performed arduous duty up and down the border line.   After the Villa raid, it went to Columbus, N. M., March 13, 1916, and crossed into Mexico with Pershing's column, penetrating as far as San Geronimo, one detachment going to Sts. Cruz, 484 miles south.
After the battle of Parral it went into camp at El Valle, constructing there of native adobe one of the most unique camps on record.   The regiment was commanded during this expedition by Col. W. H. Allaire. 
  Three Irving Township men are veterans of that 16th Infantry who participated in this Mexican Punitive Expedition in 1916. They are listed below.

ALFRED BAILEY  Born February 14, 1900  Died December 14, 1971. Troop M of the 17th cavalry. Settled in Irving and became a farmer.