Church History
   The Christian Church of Irving was organized about the year 1856, by Elders J. G. Ward and J. M. Taulbee.   For several years, this church was in flourishing circumstances, but just previous to the war the members became scattered, and the organization was finally abandoned.   It was reorganized in the year of 1876, by Elders J. M. Taulbee and B. R. Gilbert.   The first pastor was Elder L. M. Linn.   The following pastors have had charge of the church at stated intervals:   L. Wood,  ---- Muman,  ---- Price,  A. C. Layman and J. M. Taulbee.   The congregation held their public services, during the year 1876, in the room beneath Masonic Hall.   The handsome house in which they now meet was built in 1877.   This building is ;frame, and is one of the neatest and most comfortable houses of worship in the town.   It cost about $1,400.    The membership of the church is now about sixty
Taken from 1882 History of Bond & Montgomery Counties
                                     By: Robert R. Bliss
lLondon Mills and Irving, Illinois
Willis W. Vose of Eureka, Ill, Pastor


The following is a brief history of the Irving Christian Church taken from the "History of the Disiples in Illinois," written by N. S. Haines.

"Organized 1853;  present membership 100;  value of property $2,000;  Bible school began 1890;  present enrollment 75.
There were eighteen charter members, some of whom were:  J. M. Taulbee;  James, Nancy and Maria Markham;  Elijah, Mary, William and Eliza Osborn;  James Osborn, wife and son;  Henry Lowery and wife and two daughters.   Maria Markham (Now Mrs. Senior) is the sole survivor.   They held their meetings in the school house when it was available, and in groves in the summer time.   Ministers Ward and Taulbee preached when a place could be secured.   In 1876 Minister Gilbert reorganized the congregation with twenty-one members.   In 1878 a chapel was built and L. M. Linn served the Church one-half time.   W. H.Boles held a great meeting in 1893.   Then J. H. Garrison preached for the Church.   Finis Idleman held the congregation a good ;meeting.   C. W. Garst was the resident pastor in 1914 (the time of publishing this history).   W. M. Berry has led the Bible school faithfully and efficiently since its beginning.   B. B. Tyler held a meetingt here, as district evangelist, in 1863, which he then thought a failure, but it gave J. C. Mason, now of Texas, to the Church and to the Christian ministry."

When the Church was reorganized in 1893 by W. H. Boles, W. Milton Berry and Noah Tayler were elders;   R. J. Cockelreas,  W. T. Ault and W. C. Vandever were deacons.   Of these only Mr. Berry remains, and at this date, Oct. 31, 1919, he is still serving as elder. 

During the pastorate of L. Hadaway in 1905 the Church was remodeled and new seats put in.

O. K. Doney rallied us during his work here, added new members and installed a new piano.

The Church has sent out two ministers, J. C. Mason and his nephew, Jesse Mason.

The work put on new life when W. W. Vose of Eureka came to labor among us, and the idea of new building to accomodate our larger membership began to be talked of.    We decided to build and met with much encouragement and Liberal donations. Many former members, learning of the new building planned for Irving, were generous in their donatrions.

At this time the only surviving charter member is Maria Markham Senior, aged 80 years.

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The Building Committee:
C. A. Grantham, chairman;  W. Milton Berry, Treas.;  W. A. Vandever, Tulsa, Oklahoma;    E. A. Lyerla;   Frank Turnbull, Sec.
Correspondence Committee:
Miss Lottie Vandever;  Mrs. R. N. Canaday;  Mrs. E. E. Haller.
Soliciting Committee:
W. Milton Berr4y;  G. A. Grantham;  E. E. Haller.
Our present officers (1919) are:
Elders,  W. Milton Berry;  J. A. VanHoosier.
Trustees,  W. Milton Berry;  C. A. Grantham;  Fred Lyerla.
Deacons,  G. A. Grantham;  E. E. Haller;  Frank Turnbull;  E. A. Lyerla;  Elmer Truitt (of Nokomis, Ill.)
Deaconnesses, Mrs. C. A. Grantham;  Mrs. R. N. Canaday;  Mrs. Fred Lyerla;  Miss Lottie Vandever.

The following was taken from a copy of the official closing of the Irving Christian Church on October 27, 1985.

The second Church Building -Picture taken Jan. 11, 2007